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The Designate Printer service designates and removes designations for printers and printer profiles responsible for printing tickets, boarding passes, hard copies, invoices, and itineraries, lists, and labels, mini itineraries, or reports by specifying a line address.

Please bear in mind that the Enhanced Air Ticket service calls this service. That service can be used to designate printers and at the same time to issue tickets in one call. Enhanced Air Ticket also handles many Sabre host system errors and has internal logic for ticketing workflows.

Common errors

  • ASSIGN HARDCOPY PRINTER FOR ETR DOCUMENTS-USE PTR/-0370 - This error occurs when issuing, exchanging or refunding electronic tickets, the system requires designation to a hardcopy printer to print electronic ticket documents. Hardcopy printer must be designated prior to ticketing transactions in these scenarios.
  • UNAUTHORIZED PRINTER - The travel agent AAA security does not match the PCC which owns the ticket printer being designated. The current PCC is not allowed to use the LNIATA specified in the request. This can be solved by adding branch access between PCCs. For more details please contact the Product Support team through Sabre Central. 
  • PPR AREAS MUST BE SIGNED-IN, ENTER SI* -  This message is returned by native Sabre when the user tries to assign a printer profile that needs you to be signed in all areas: A – F, and via API services we create session in one area, area A.

This is a sample printer profile displayed in the Sabre host system that would return this error:


      PRINTER PROFILE RECORD 01 C0LH                                                                                           

PTR TYPE  LNIATA    INUSE     A B C D E F                      

PTR/      ABCEDF      X       X X X X X X                      

W*MX      *ETKT*      X       X X X X X X                      

DSIV      DEFGHJ      X       X X X X X X   


Please check Sabre Central for more details on the Sabre® host system formats required to work with printer profiles.

Additional Resources

Detailed information about printer designation can be found in Sabre Central: