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Customer Entitlement Table Tier Level Baggage Allowance

Digital Connect allows airlines to display any additional baggage a traveler may be entitled to according to the passenger’s tier level during booking. This prevents the traveler from purchasing additional baggage when not required and the airline having to issue a refund during check in.

This feature applies to the following paths:

  • The Revenue Flow (B2C)
  • The Redemption Flow (RBE)
  • Manage Your Booking – Modify Trip Options Flow (MYB: MTO)
  • Manage Your Booking – Change Itinerary Flow (MYB: CI)


The XBAG (extra bags) component takes note of each user’s tier level and displays the bag allowance appropriate for their tier level. Entitlements can be returned based on Merchandising Manager/ Dynamic Retailer rules which might respect tier levels and can be dynamically changed.


Customer Entitlement Table must be updated with tier level inclusions for baggage in the airline partition.


Airline can provide their most valuable customers with reliable information about extra baggage allowance they are entitled to (based on their Frequent Flyer tier).