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  • The Cruise REST API pages below allow you to review the documentation, assess capabilities, and decide whether you want to proceed with REST APIs or SOAP APIs. SOAP APIs are mature and offer more capabilities than REST at this point in time. Please refer to the comparison table to fully understand the functionality differences between SOAP and REST.
  • All plans to ensure functionality parity in REST APIs with SOAP have been postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19.
  • We recommend that you review the comparison table to choose the APIs that suit your workflow best.
  • Work with your Sabre account team to place an API order for the required API format (REST or SOAP) on Sabre Central Marketplace.

Getting Started

To begin using these APIs, you'll need to first contact your Sabre Account Manager to obtain your Sabre Developer Credentials.

Don't have an Account Manager yet? Switch to Sabre.

Once you get in touch with your Account Manager, follow the Quickstart Checklist to get up-and-running with our APIs.

API Overviews

Cruise Info

The Cruise Info API provides a list of sailings with details like departure date, ship, duration, embarkation port, disembarkation port, etc, for a single supplier or for multiple suppliers.

The API also provides agency group information and Cruise media content (such as ship and itinerary images).

  • /cruise/offers/searchSailings: Get sailing and itinerary information and media content for a list of sailings based on request qualifiers.
  • /cruise/offers/getSailingDetails: Get sailing details for a specific sailing, including itinerary information and media content.
  • /cruise/offers/getItineraryDetails: Get itinerary details along with itinerary image for a specific sailing. It does not include sailing details.

Cruise Rate Category

The Cruise Rate Category API provides a list of public and group fare codes with booking eligibility criteria. Other related information includes combinable fare codes, fare code validity date range, guest occupancy restrictions and more.

It also provides a list of berthed category codes with prices associated to a fare code, their base prices with relevant currency information, associated deck details, category location, promotion, and other amenity-related information.

  • /cruise/offers/getFareCodes: Get a list of public and negotiated fare codes for a given sailing.
  • /cruise/offers/getCategoryCodes: Get a list of category codes and their base rates for sailing.

Cruise Facility

The Cruise Facility API is used to provide cabin information, can hold and release cabins, and request specific dining options.

  • /cruise/offers/getCabins: Gets a list of cabins for a sailing.
  • /cruise/orders/holdCabin: Holds a cabin on a sailing.
  • /cruise/orders/releaseCabin: Releases a cabin on a sailing.
  • /cruise/offers/getDiningOptions: Gets a list of dining options for a sailing.

Cruise Price Check

The Cruise Price Check API provides detailed price information, like base fare, taxes and fees, discounts and promotions, air charges, pre/post packages, on-board special services, and more. It also provides information on agency commissions, payment schedules, and payment summaries.

  • /cruise/orders/getPricingDetails: Get detailed price information for a sailing.

Cruise Booking

The Cruise Booking API is used to create or modify a booking, add multiple payments, retrieve a booking, check cancellation penalties, and cancel a booking.

  • /cruise/orders/create: Creates a booking with or without payment.
  • /cruise/orders/view: Retrieves a booking using either a reservation ID or guest name.
  • /cruise/orders/modify: Modifies an existing booking. Modifications include changing booking components like fare code, category code, cabin, guest details, and may include adding single and/or multiple payments.
  • /cruise/orders/previewCancelDetails: Checks booking cancellation penalties imposed by a cruise line.
  • /cruise/orders/cancel: Cancels a booking.


Check out the resources below for more information:

  • API Samples: Download the request and response samples of the APIs.

  • Domain Data Files (last updated 5/17/2022): Download the TAB files to correlate the codes and corresponding description.

  • Token Management: Click here to learn how to send your first successful request to a Sabre API.

  • Sabre Cruise APIs Postman Collection: Download and import our Postman collection to get familiar with Cruise APIs quickly.

  • Sabre Cruise APIs Vendor Validation Rules File: Download the vendor validation rules file to learn supplier-specific business rules at the API level.