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Creating Web Module


In order to create a basic Web Module, you will need to have the Concierge and Offline Bundle installed, if you have not done it yet take a look into Setup for Web Red Apps Development.

Creating Web Module Template

To create Web Module run ngv init in chosen directory and follow the wizard. Web Module template will be created.

You will be prompted to enter the following additional information to complete creation of the Web Module:

  • Bundle Symbolic Name

A Bundle Symbolic Name will be used to create a proper Web Module name, it is required that the Bundle Symbolic Name is in reverse domain name notation, for example: com.sabre.sample, this will result in the following Web Module name: com-sabre-sample-web-module

When creating multiple Red Apps, please ensure that bundle symbolic name is unique for each Red App.
  • Bundle Name

  • Project Author

  • Contact Details

    • E-Mail

    • Phone number

    • Company name

    • Contact person

    • Website (optional)

  • Red App ID (optional)

Modification of Web Module Properties

In order to modify properties set during initialization, you can add or modify them by editing the src/manifest.json file. The exceptions are bundleSymbolicName and name fields, which should not be modified after generating the Web Module template.

Example of manifest.json file:

  "redAppId": "sabre-id-redapp-sample",
  "bundleSymbolicName": "com.sabre.sample",
  "bundleName": "Sabre Sample",
  "name": "com-sabre-sample-web-module",
  "contactDetails": {
    "company": "Sabre Inc.",
    "contactName": "SRW Developers",
    "email": "",
    "phoneNumber": "123-456-789",
    "website": ""