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Creating Projects with Red App Sample Plug-ins

This procedure shows how to import a Red App sample plug-in into your Eclipse workspace. (Red App sample plug-ins are sometimes referred to as reference plug-ins, however, this documentation uses the term "sample.")

The Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit includes a variety of sample projects that you can import directly into your workspace. You can use them as a basis for your own project, or you can use them for experimentation. Review the descriptions of the Red App sample plug-ins and decide which samples you want to import. The descriptions also include instructions for running the samples.

The instructions below show how to import a plug-in as an archive file. You can, however, extract the archive and then import the files from a directory, if you wish.


Importing a Plug-in Project

  1. On the Eclipse workbench main menu, choose File > Import. On the Import dialog, expand General, and then select Existing Projects into Workspace.

  1. Click Next to display the Import Projects screen.

ec importprojects archivefile
  1. Select the Select Archive File button. Browse to the location of the archive file for the sample that you want to import, and select the file.

If you are importing an unpacked or extracted archive, choose Select Root Directory.

  1. In the Projects panel, select the check box next to the archive file, and then select the project name.

  1. If you are using working sets, select Add Project to Working Sets. Navigate to and choose your working sets.

  1. Click Finish. Eclipse adds the package that you imported to the Package Explorer where you can view the imported package and its files.

Next, run your plug-in in Sabre Red 360 and verify your contact details.