Corporate Travel Services

We're simplifying the complexity of business travel.

What's in it for you?

  • Build custom corporate travel solutions
  • Easily integrated into your apps, websites, and backend services
  • Simple orchestrated business travel workflows
  • Reduces development costs and access content from GDS and non-GDS sources

Powered by the Sabre Platform, Corporate Travel Services allow you to deploy a travel-policy driven shopping and booking experience; combined with intelligent retailing and travel provider preferencing, across mobile and desktop experiences.

This collection of corporate travel focused services are GDS agnostic, including multi-sourced content, that enables end-to-end business travel workflows.

Our technology plus your tools to build a traveler experience.

How does it work?

RESTful and JSON APIs are orchestrated into a developer-friendly kit, allowing a greater range of customers to take advantage of our APIs and bring solutions to market faster. Better business starts with better business travel.


  • Enables partners to build custom corporate travel solutions with their desired traveler experience and branding.
  • Easily integrated into your apps, websites, and backend services.
  • Drive efficiency and simplicity with a single call using RESTful APIs that are orchestrated to handle the complexity of business travel workflows.
  • Reduces development costs with APIs that aggregate, normalize, and structure content from GDS and non-GDS sources.

Contact us today to start using Corporate Travel Services, or if you are currently using Sabre APIs in production, contact your Sabre account representative to learn more and start exploring the services now.

Corporate Travel Services on mobile