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Context Shopping

The purpose  of Context Shopping is to provide enhanced capability to do multi-step search for air itineraries, what enables “cross-branded” results, as well as allows to update price of the flight offer accordingly to the already selected flights.

The Context Shopping flow is as below:

  • In the first POST /products/air/search provide all requested legs
    • Response will contain flight details according to the response from shopping downline
  • For each subsequent leg, provide previously selected shopping offer basket hash code
    • In the response there will be returned cross-branded flight offers with updated prices accordingly to the previously selected flights.

Price Jump in Context Shopping

Price Jump provides price adjustments during the shopping flow to prevent price discrepancies. For example, in a round trip itinerary, once user has selected the outbound flight, any price difference for the selected outbound flight will be adjusted to the inbound flight offers during the Context shopping response.  

Price Jump with Interline Branded Fares (IBF) Calendar shopping using the 7-day ribbon offers prices for both requested and alternate dates returning the lowest fare for each flight/brand. Based on configuration, prices can be presented as split per leg or as total itinerary price bundled.

For both options, the fares offered on the ribbon are valid and are represented for purchase in the provided flight selections. Multicity is offered in Price Jump also, without the 7-day ribbon.

Fares can be displayed per passenger type or passenger total, depending on the carrier’s choice. Additionally, the carrier can choose to display fares as Base only or Base + Tax. Discounts can be offered for pre- and post-shopping using Flight Promotions.

This feature applies to the following paths:

  • The Revenue Flow (B2C);
  • Book Now Pay Later Flow (B2C: BNPL).


  • Discount through Flight Promotions for bundle price is out of scope;
  • OB fees for bundle price will be supported in the next release.


  • A carrier will need to be a customer of Context Shopping and a user of Interline Branded Fares (IBF) Calendar Shopping.
  • Price Jump must be configured


  • Multicity and Round Trip unbundle offers are currently supported.

Whole Itinerary Price - Bundle Price

Bundle Price is not enabled by default, but it can be used in Context Shopping or regular Interline Branded Fares (IBF) calls.

When the Bundle Price configuration is enabled and <bundlePrice> is true in QueryProducts request what happens next is:

  1. Service Engine (SE) returns a new element called “bundlePrice” in QueryProducts response along with the “Base” and “Tax” for the Itinerary part, or leg, price.
  1. Digital Connect search response returns a new element called "bundlePrice" along with existing itinerary part price information for an offer. The “bundlePrice” element contains "Base", "Tax" and "Total".  

The Revenue Flow (B2C)

  1. The airline obtains search criteria from the passenger and submits a /products/air/search request, POST operation to get a list of flights matching the search criteria.
  1. The airline UI displays the returned flights to the passenger on the Flights page.
  1. The passenger selects a flight.
  1. After the passenger selects one or more flights, the airline submits the /products/air POST operation to add the flight(s) to the itinerary and store the itinerary in the session
    • ​​​​​​​Not only current context shopping flight details are sent to shopping but pricing information for selected flights as well. Based upon the passenger flight selection, any pricing differences will be displayed in the subsequent flights offered to complete the itinerary.
  2. The airline prompts passenger for passenger details: first name/surname/gender, date of birth, phone number, email address etc.
  3. From now on the flow proceeds as usual.

Outbound fees in Price Jump

By providing Price Jump Digital Connect offers an option to send available bundled outbound fees (Ticketing and Requested Service types) as a part of the bundled fare response to carriers which are configured to offer their fares in bundled view (total trip price).

It is to ensure the OB Fees are included in the bundled total trip view for T (Ticketing) and R (Requested Services) type fees.

This functionality applies to the following paths:

  • The Revenue Flow (B2C)
  • Book Now Pay Later Flow (B2C: BNPL).


The Carrier is required to be a Context Shopping and Interline Branded Fares (IBF) Shopping customer with Bundled price configuration enabled.


The Airline needs to enable bundled fare view as preference for displaying fares.