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Content Services for Lodging (CSL)

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The Content Services for Lodging (CSL) collection of APIs enhances your booking tool by offering more content, enhanced search and preferencing, product normalization, all through a modern technology stack.

Refer to the documentation below to begin using these APIs.

Getting started

To begin using these APIs, you'll need to first contact your Sabre Account Manager to obtain your Sabre Developer credentials.

Once you get in touch with your Account Manager, follow the Quickstart Checklist to get up-and-running with our APIs. Already an existing hotelier customer, but would like to upgrade to CSL? Refer to our Developer Migration Guide to transition from the existing Sabre Hotel Webservices to CSL.

Accessing aggregator content

With CSL, you can decide from which supply sources to access content from. GDS chain content is available by default.

Agreements with aggregators are required prior to accessing content through CSL. In some cases, specific products and negotiated content and/or travel agency commissions will be available. 

Refer to our Content Services for Lodging Aggregator Guide to learn more.

Workflow integration

Two types of APIs are available through CSL:

  • Orchestrated APIs support the common workflows for shopping and booking properties through fewer requests.
  • Granular APIs power the Orchestrated APIs. Using granular APIs, you can integrate content into your workflow, allowing for a more customized experience.

Orchestrated APIs

The list of orchestrated APIs which support the typical user flow is:

Step User Action Orchestrated API Optional/Mandatory
1 Search Get Hotel Avail Optional*
2 Refine Get Hotel Details Optional*
3 Review Hotel Price Check Mandatory
4 Reserve Enhanced Hotel Book or Create PNR or
Update Itinerary
5 Retrieve Get Res or Travel Itinerary Read Optional
6 Cancel Update Itinerary Optional
7 Modify Update Itinerary Optional

* a request to at least Get Hotel Avail or Get Hotel Details must be made prior to Hotel Price Check

Additional information, including a Postman collection, supported OTA Codes, and details on error messages, can be found on the Content Services for Lodging API Support page.

Search - Get Hotel Avail SOAP | REST

After making a request with Get Hotel Avail, you'll receive a structured response that includes a list of property names, basic property information, lead price (including any negotiated or contractual rates), product information, and a hotel image.

Get Hotel Avail offers powerful filters and sort capabilities, including:

  • Return the lead rate for a property from all supply sources, including aggregators, or return a single lead rate across supply sources
  • Request availability for an area/neighborhood within a city/town, limiting the search to only properties that fall within the polygon specified in the request
  • Date range, rate range, property rating, prepay/postpaid, and chain brands or supply sources, etc.

Use a RateKey to uniquely identify each product/rate. The RateKey can be used as the input to Hotel Price Check.

Refine - Get Hotel Details SOAP | REST

After making a request to Get Hotel Details, you'll receive a structured response that includes all product and rate information for the requested property from each of the supply sources specified, including.

    Use a RateKey to uniquely identify each product/rate. The RateKey can be used as the input to Hotel Price Check.

    Review - Hotel Price Check SOAP | REST

    Before proceeding with booking the selected rate (product) at the property through the selected supply source, the API client needs to first validate that the rate is still available. With Hotel Price Check, you'll have the ability to review information regarding the rate, like guarantee and accepted payment information. The response includes a BookingKey, which is mandatory to make a booking request.

    Use the RateKey returned in Get Hotel Avail or Get Hotel Details as the input parameter to Hotel Price Check to obtain the BookingKey.

    Reserve – Enhanced Hotel Book SOAP only

    Enhanced Hotel Book facilitates the booking of both traditional GDS hotel content and lodging aggregator content.

    This API enables the booking of hotel lodging content using the BookingKey obtained in the Hotel Price Check response. Choose the point of sale when booking GDS content while creating a legacy segment or a CSL segment.

    Aggregator content can be booked using a CSL segment. Refer to our Content Services for Lodging Aggregator Guide to learn more.

    Note: This API can be used to shop CSL content and then book GDS content as a legacy segment while mid and back office changes are made to your solutions.

    Reserve – Create Reservation SOAP only

    Create a Passenger Name Record (PNR) and submit it to the guest to obtain required payment information for and any other required information for the booking. This is part one of a two step booking process (Initiate). 

    After the response is received, use Update Reservation to either commit or ignore the booking.

    Use the BookingKey returned from Hotel Price Check as the input to Create Reservation (plus other booking criteria).

    Reserve – Update Itinerary - SOAP only

    Book (commit) the selected rate (product) using details from Create Reservation.

    The booking is made with the supply source and a Sabre PNR is created.  The booking response includes the PNR Locator and the confirmation number from the supply source.

    Update Res can also be used to create a PNR, allowing customers to use one booking service rather than two.

    Use the BookingKey returned from Hotel Price Check as the input to Update Reservation (plus other booking criteria).

    Reserve – Create Passenger Name Record SOAP | REST

    Create a booking and a PNR in one step with the specified supply source. The booking response includes the PNR Locator and the confirmation number from the supply source.   

    Use the BookingKey returned from HotelPriceCheck API as the input to CreatePassengerNameRecord (plus other booking criteria)

    Reserve – Update Passenger Name Record SOAP | REST

    This booking option allows an API client to to add bookings into existing reservations.

    Use the BookingKey returned from Hotel Price Check as the input to Update Passenger Name Record (plus other booking criteria).

    Retrieve – Get Reservation SOAP only or Travel Itinerary Read SOAP only

    View information about a previously made booking with Get Reservation and Travel Itinerary Read. Provide all information about the booking, including the Sabre PNR, supplier confirmation number, and other booking details, such as stay dates, property, rate, inclusions, and cancellation penalties.

    Cancel – Update Reservation SOAP only

    Update Reservation is used to cancel the reservation at the supply source and the segment in the Sabre PNR. The response includes supplier cancellation details, the updated booking status, and the original confirmation number.

    Cancel Booking - Hotel Examples

    Cancel Booking provides a single, unified service to cancel the entire reservation or a part of the reservation irrespective of what it contains.

    It allows to cancel CSL/Legacy Hotels at the same time by providing either itemId or sequence number.

    Modify – Update Itinerary SOAP only

    Update Itinerary is used to modify the reservation at the supply source and the segment in the Sabre PNR. Some modifications require a prior re-shop. The response includes the new segment details, the updated booking status, and the confirmation number.

    Hotel Search SOAP | REST

    Hotel Search supports location resolution and content filters, such as by specific amenities or property types. Hotel Search returns a list of matching properties which can then be used to conduct individual shopping searches per matched property.

    Granular APIs

    Granular APIs are specific and focus on a smaller set of content for integration into a more customized workflow:

    Geo Search SOAP | REST

    Geo Search identifies properties that fall within a given geographic search location using a radius or a neighborhood search. This API returns information about the properties within a given location.

    Geo Autocomplete REST only

    Geo Autocomplete allows you to use a full word or substring across all locations to match against a geographic search query. It returns an on-the-fly list of up to 30 of the most relevant location predictions to aid in selecting a desired place/location type.

    Get Hotel Lead Rate SOAP REST

    Obtain the lowest priced product (room/rate) from requested supply sources based on stay criteria, including stay dates, occupancy, and criteria for a series of properties.

    Get Hotel Lead Rate includes additional optional criteria to support specific negotiated and contractual rates, "other" rate types, and "other" product filters. The lowest available rate is returned per property or from each supply source per property.

    Get Hotel Rate Info SOAP | REST

    Access all products/rates from a requested property for both GDS suppliers and aggregators based on stay criteria. This criteria includes stay dates, occupancy, and other optional criteria.

    Property Name Autocomplete REST only

    Property Name Autocomplete returns a list of closely-matching properties for a text-based hotel name search. Powered by the CSL platform, this API returns an on-the-fly list of up to five (5) of the most relevant property predictions to aid travelers in selecting their desired property.

    Get Hotel List SOAP | REST

    Get Hotel List provides a list of properties with limited descriptive details according to search criteria entered. Up to 5,000 properties can be requested at a time.

    Get Hotel Media SOAP | REST

    Get Hotel Media retrieves visual content (URLs) for up to 50 property IDs, including image category and suggested display order in multiple sizes.

    Get Hotel Image SOAP | REST

    Retrieves a single (leading) image for up to 300 property IDs, in multiple sizes.

    Get Hotel Content SOAP | REST

    Retrieves descriptive and visual content information for specific properties. Descriptive content includes hotel name, chain, property attributes and amenities, hotel policy, location and area information, facilities information, contact information, image urls, and category in multiple sizes.

    Get Hotel Descriptive Info SOAP | REST

    Used to request descriptive content for specific properties. Descriptive content includes hotel name, chain, property attributes and amenities, hotel policy, room description, location and area information, facilities information, and contact information.

    Additional Utility APIs

    Get Polygon Info

    Retrieve a list of geographic polygons for each county for use in location search. SOAP | REST

    Get Hotel Chain Info

    Identify the different Sabre chain codes. SOAP only

    Get Hotel Content Change

    Identify which Sabre GDS properties have updated their descriptive content over a period of time. SOAP only

    Get Hotel Supplier Configurations

    Provides a list of shopping and booking validations that are applicable to each aggregator. SOAP only


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