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Content Services for Lodging (CSL)

Product Collection
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What is it?

The Content Services for Lodging (CSL) product collection houses APIs to help you find properties, get information about properties, check prices, and much more.

Two types of APIs are currently available through CSL to match the needs of your solution:

Orchestrated APIs: Supports common use cases for both shopping and booking properties across fewer requests.

Granular APIs: Power the Orchestrated APIs. Using granular APIs,  integrate content directly into your workflow, allowing for a more customized experience.

Ready to get started?

Contact your Sabre Account Manager and check out our documentation in the Reference and Setup and Guides tabs for more!

Why use it?

Enhance your booking tool with the value that CSL delivers, including:

  • More Content: Integrating over a million lodging property and rate options from GDS and aggregator sources through modern, flexible APIs, allowing you to compare rates from different sources side-by-side.
  • New Search and Preferencing Capabilities: Delivering enhanced capabilities such as polygon searching and agency preferencing, enabling new shopping experiences and more efficient workflows
  • Product Normalization: Supporting attribute-based rate comparison across content sources allowing your agents and travelers to easily and efficiently find the best rate that meets their needs 
  • Modern APIs: CSL offers a modern set of SOAP/XML and REST/JSON APIs that leverage improved data structures and are supported by robust documentation.

Refer to our Developer Migration Guide to begin your transition from existing Sabre Hotel Webservices to Content Services for Lodging APIs.

Contact your Account Manager to learn more about how CSL capabilities can revolutionize your hotel booking tool.