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Consume Rule ID (Promotion Tag) for Flight Promotion/Ancillaries/Seats

Flight Promotions tool creates Rule ID (Offer ID) and Promotion Tag for each promotion. The gap was that airlines wanted to display the marketing text stating the reason for the given offer, i.e. for each promotion offered to the customer while they are shopping to create engagement and increase conversion rate, e.g. Frequent Flyer Benefit.

Currently, Digital Connect exposes Rule ID (offer name) and Promotion Tag, Within Flight Promotions a new field is added for a text description that can be populated by the user (airline user) when the Rule ID is created. FP then, similarly as it does for Offer ID today, passes the marketing text to Digital Connect so that the front end can consume and display it as is, or create different indicators that the UI can map to text keys on the UI level to be displayed.

Promotion Tag addresses the issue of dynamic Rule ID. There is a requirement for a static tag that can be used for flight, so a campaign can be tied to it and it can be exposed on the UI for consistent marketing messaging to the customer.

This feature applies to the following paths:

  • The Revenue Flow (B2C)
  • Book Now Pay Later Flow (B2C: BNPL)
  • Manage Your Booking – Book Now Pay Later Flow (MYB: BNPL)
  • Also:
    • Single promotion code multiple uses
    • Multiple promotion codes single uses
    • Pre- (whole Itinerary) and post- (Itinerary Part) shopping discounts
    • BRANDED, CALENDAR30 and MATRIX search types


Flight Promotions activation is required.


Not applicable to Markup.


This feature aims at exposing additional data, i.e. Rule ID (offer name) and Promotion Tag, and displaying it by DX.

Example of fare discount display:

  1. The original price is crossed out
  2. A promotional price is provided
  3. A marketing text/Promotion Tag is displayed, e.g. “Weekend Sale”