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com.sabre.redapp.example.firstrun Sample

The com.sabre.redapp.example.firstrun sample demonstrates the following:

  • Actions on the first-run of a plug-in. An action is performed on the first launch of a plug-in.

  • A pop-up dialog in Sabre Red 360. A dialog with a title, comment field, and buttons is displayed in Sabre Red 360.

Running the Sample

  1. In Eclipse, import the com.sabre.redapp.example.firstrun plug-in into your workspace and add it to your run configuration.

  2. Launch Sabre Red 360 from your run configuration, and log in with your CERT Sabre ID.

  3. When you log in to Sabre Red 360, this plug-in displays a dialog that contains a "Hello" message, and OK and Cancel buttons. OK returns true and Cancel returns false.

The figure below shows the dialog in Sabre Red 360.