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This sample demonstrates how you can read various identifiers returned in the Air Shopping response and apply these when booking the chosen air itinerary. You will have access to the following data:

  • shopping id - Each air shopping response is given a unique id

  • air itinerary option indices - Each priced itinerary option within an Air Shopping response is given its unique index. There are two indices returned for multi-ticket itineraries (each one-way generates its index), a single index is generated for the whole itinerary otherwise.

  • pricing option indices - Each pricing option available for each particular itinerary is given its unique index.

  • sort param - information about sorting parameters applied in the Air Shopping response.

  • tagging data - information about tagging for the selected itinerary.

SR360 returns multiple alternate fares for each priced itinerary - each of these fares has its unique index.

These data items may be useful for monitoring of sales data and user behavior during the booking workflow.

Reading of these qualifiers can be achieved by implementation of the dynamo.air.airbooking:beforeAirBookAndPrice extension point.

Modal with shopping indices
The above features work in Sabre Red 360 only. In SRW 2.0 they do not apply.