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com.sabre.redapp.example3.web.end.pnr.validator Sample

The com.sabre.redapp.example3.web.end.pnr.validator sample includes the following functionality:

  • This sample shows how to use beforeEndCommand and beforeReservationModify extension points in the Sabre Red 360

  • The sample uses 2 extension points:`

    1. BeforeEndCommandExtension

    2. BeforeReservationModifyExtension

  • The sample is triggered in specific conditions described in the table below:

Table 1. Sample description and trigger conditions:
Extension point Action & trigger condition Expected Result

Before End Command


Run ER or ET on a reservation that is missing OSI or Passport documents

EndPnrValidatorBeforeEnd should ask user about missing data and display a modal where missing Emergency Contact/Passport information can be added

Before Reservation Modify


Triggered after the modal for reservation modify is submitted

ReservationModifyBeforeSave should check for Emergency Contact in ReservationModifyRq and if they are present add them also as OSI

end reservation prompt missing data
reservation modify modal

Step by step:

  1. When you make any changes to a new or existing reservation and hit save (E, ER, ET, etc.) then the beforeEndCommand ext point will be triggered

  2. In beforeEndCommand the sample checks if the reservation is missing security docs

  3. IF yes, then the modal prompting to add data will be shown

  4. IF you fill the security docs on the modal and hit “Add to PNR” on this modal then the beforeReservationModify gets triggered

  5. In the beforeReservationModify ext point the sample checks if Emergency Contact in ReservationModifyRq and if they are present add them also as OSI. (this will happen in the background, nothing visible on the modal for the user)