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This sample demonstrates invoking dynamo.segment.cancel:beforeSegmentCancel and dynamo.segment.cancel:afterSegmentCancel extension points. User can check extension invocation by adding BEFORE-SEGMENT-CANCEL-AUTO or AFTER-SEGMENT-CANCEL-AUTO remark, this will cancel workflow after dynamo.segment.cancel:beforeSegmentCancel or dynamo.segment.cancel:afterSegmentCancel respectively.

Execution time - this will be executed when user sends cancel itinerary segments (X) commands, deletes segments from Trip Summary in the "Delete segments" window, deletes segments from the "ITINERARY" section in Graphical PNR, or deletes the whole PNR by clicking the "Cancel PNR" button available in the expandable 'drawer' section under the main PNR header in Graphical PNR.

Adding BEFORE-SEGMENT-CANCEL-AUTO remark and deleting segment
Figure 1. Adding BEFORE-SEGMENT-CANCEL-AUTO remark and deleting a segment
Cancelling workflow in dynamo.segment.cancel:beforeSegmentCancel
Figure 2. Cancelling a workflow in the dynamo.segment.cancel:beforeSegmentCancel extension point
The above features work in Sabre Red 360 only. In SRW 2.0 they do not apply.