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The sample includes the following functionality:

  • This sample shows how to use CSL Hotel extension points in the Sabre Red 360

  • The sample uses 7 Hotel extension points:

    1. BeforeHotelShoppingExtension

    2. AfterHotelShoppingExtension

    3. BeforeHotelDetailsExtension

    4. AfterHotelDetailsExtension

    5. BeforeHotelBookExtension

    6. AfterHotelBookExtension

    7. AfterHotelModifyExtension

    8. BeforeHotelBookInputExtension

  • The sample is triggered in specific conditions described in the table below:

Table 1. Sample description and trigger conditions:
Extension point Action & trigger condition Expected Result

Hotel Shopping


Search for a hotel with HH and SI chain code

HH should be removed from the search results list.

Hotel Shopping


Search with Sabre Property Rating = 5

"Workflow canceled" should appear

View Rates


Perform View rates for a hotel with three guests

Currency should be replaced to "GPB" on view rates results

View Rates


Perform View rates for a hotel with Chain Code = 7B

"Workflow canceled" should appear

Hotel Sell


The person’s first name should differ from "Sabre" during selling.

Replace provided credit card during selling with GVI4XXXXXXXXXXX1111EXP 03 25-SAMPLELASTNAME

Hotel Sell


Sell hotel in DFW with "SI" chain code containing "Sheraton" word in hotel name

Browser with "YourOwnWebsite" should appear. The website should display proper value for confirmation, hotel address, and room type.



Change traveler name. It should contains word "TEST".

Browser with "YourOwnWebsite" should appear. The website should display proper values for traveler name, checkIn, checkOut and others.

Running the Sample

  1. In Eclipse, import the plug-in into your workspace and add it to your run configuration.

  2. Launch Sabre Red 360 from your run configuration, and log in with your CERT Sabre ID. Make sure that you have CSL enabled.

  3. Start the hotel flow by using the graphical interface Hotel Search option

hotel search
  1. The sample triggers changes when: shopping for hotels, showing hotel details and booking a hotel

Sample for the dynamo.hotel.modify:afterHotelModify extension point

This sample demonstrates what data can be accessed in the dynamo.hotel.modify:afterHotelModify extension point.

Graphical hotel modify workflow is triggered by clicking on the options icon in hotel segment in Trip Summary and selecting the Change dates option. Subsequent modals are presented to the user to allow hotel modification. After the hotel modification is completed, extension point will be executed. Below you can see a sample extension point page, showing what data were accessed for a sample hotel modification:

sample hotel modify ext point

For more details please examine implementation of

Ths feature works in Sabre Red 360 only and only for the graphical Change dates flow. In SRW 2.0 this does not apply.