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Communications Services Standards

This topic discusses the following for communications services:

Naming standards for communications services that your Red App registers with SRWRuntime

Naming Standards for Event IDs for Red Apps that publish Event IDs

Naming Standards for Communications Services

If you are registering your own communications service in your Red App, the name of your service must conform to the following rules. When another Red App wants to use your service, that Red App requests your service name and puts the name in the context name. This is a signal to the Bus to use your service.

  • A service name is unique across Sabre Red 360. Unique service names let you add multiple services to a plug-in.

  • You cannot use the Plug-in ID for this name.

  • You create the name of non-markup services.

  • A service name has a maximum of 250 characters. The name can contain the following:

        alphabetic and numeric characters, _ (underscore) and - (hyphen).

  The markup services do not have unique names and they are registered within the Red App.

Naming Standards for Event IDs

The naming convention for Event IDs that a Red App publishes is shown below:

Plug-in ID + Event ID

Example : com.mycompany.myredapp.myeventid

This naming convention does not apply to Event IDs that Sabre publishes.