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Communications Components in Red Apps

This topic discusses the following:

Communications with SRWRuntime may consist of authentication, authorization to consume services that are registered with the bus, registration of event listeners, and publication of Event IDs.

The requirements for communications components depend on the types of communications in a Red App.

The redapp.xml configuration file in the main plug-in project implements communications in a Red App. The Red App ID is also passed in the XML configuration file. The topics in Communications in Red Apps discuss other requirements for communications in Red Apps.

Authentication, Authorization, and Registration

A table that shows when a Red App must authenticate, request authorization, and register services, event listeners, and published events, see Overview of Authentication, Authorization, and Registration.

Threshold Values for Authorization to Use Services Registered with SRWRuntime

If your Red App requests authorization to access services that Sabre or other Red Apps register with SRWRuntime, use the following rule for passing threshold values:

  • 1 transaction per second


  • A maximum of 30 transactions per minute

This setting is in the Authorization entity in the redapp.xml file and in the Java code to access a specific service.

If you think that your Red App needs a higher threshold value, please discuss your request with your Sabre account manager.

Third Party Services a Red App Registers with SRWRuntime

This information applies to services that Red App developers register in a Red App.

Services that your Red App registers with SRWRuntime are not the same as the services that Sabre data stores or other Red Apps register. When your Red App registers its own service, you assign the name. When your Red App calls a service that Sabre or other Red Apps register, those entities assign the service name.

Your service name must specify the type of request and response used in communication with this service.


<Service name="SampleServiceName" handler_name="sample.package.SampleServiceClass" />

For complete information about registering your service, see Building a redapp.xml File.

Rules for Services That Sabre Registers with the SRWRuntime Bus

Communications services that Sabre systems register with SRWRuntime conform to the standard for communications services. See Request and Response Object Classes for Synchronous Services.)

The Java code sample below shows how to set the service context information for the communications service that is registered with SRWRuntime:

context.setRequestorId("Red App ID");