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Claimed PNRs

The service that retrieves PNR information for an existing booking is able to handle situations with PNRs where the logged-in user is not a passenger (e.g. claimed PNRs). In such situations, it is required to allow a user to retrieve such PNR based on the result of /profile/mytrips service. 


In order to allow a logged-in user to retrieve all PNRs in the profile (also where the logged-in user is neither organizer nor traveler) Digital Connect makes the following sequence of service calls: 

  • The airline prompts the passenger for login credentials; the passenger supplies them. 
  • The airline logs the passenger in with the /login POST service. 
  • The airline executes /profile/mytrips service and retrieves a list of PNRs associated with the booking. 
  • Cache creation – it stores a list of all PNR(s) belonging to the booking. 
  • PNR retrieval – Digital Connect allows to execute the /pnr service with only the PNR locator number as a parameter in the request (even if the airline has set also the last name as the required parameter): 
  • If PNR is in the cached list - /pnr service retrieves this PNR (PNR is retrieved also if the last name has not matched or if the last name has not been sent in the request); 
  • If PNR is not in the cached list from /profile/mytrips – an error is returned stating that this PNR cannot be retrieved, asking for other required data for the PNR: 
  • "Problem occurred while retrieving a PNR. PNR not existing or verification information like first name, last name or email not valid." 
  • If service /profile/mytrips was not invoked previously – an error is returned (missing PNR data, like last name etc). 


  • User has to be logged-in (POST /login). 
  • The service /profile/mytrips has to be invoked (in order to get a list of all PNR(s) which are linked to the profile).