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China UnionPay SecurePlus

There are two UnionPay options in Control Center. China UnionPay and UnionPay. Both are Chinese payment methods. The difference between the two lies in how they can be applied to a reservation. China UnionPay is a credit card payment method that can only be used as a guarantee. It cannot be used for deposit. UnionPay on the other hands is the opposite where it cannot be used for guarantee, but can only be used for deposit. UnionPay allows for both credit card and eWallet implementations The same deposit policy setup restrictions apply here in that the deposit must be configured for prepayment at the time of booking.

China UnionPay

This is configurable for all payment processing vendors including no processor, however, it should only be configured as a guarantee type. Currently the Payment Methods page allows for it to be setup “for Deposit.” Avoid, configuring it this way to reduce confusion as every attempt to use it as such will fail.


There are specific test cards available to test the credit card and eWallet functionality of UnionPay. View the attached Master Payment Method Testing Details spreadsheet for details on these values. UnionPay supports all currency types. It is available for processing with the SEPG > Adyen and SEPG > Worldpay processors only. No processor or a Global Collect processor does not support this payment type.

Digital Connect enables Passengers to use CUP (China UnionPay) SecurePlus to process payment in a two-step payment process:

  1. Prompt the passenger to send the mobile phone number on the first purchase call. The Payments send a message informing that a validation code is required for the next authorization request, which is to be received via SMS.
  2. The code is then passed to Payments during the second purchase call which concludes the process.

This feature applies to the following paths:

  • The Revenue Flow (B2C);
  • The Manage Your Booking – Modify Trip Options Flow (MYB: MTO);
  • The Book Now Pay Later Flow (B2C: BNPL);
  • The Manage Your Booking – Book Now Pay Later Flow (MYB: BNPL).


CUP SecurePlus must be activated in Payments by a carrier and configured in SSW as ‘POS Hosted’. The PSP (re-direct) handling is the default option.


  1. Mobile phone number is required for booking.
  2. Purchasing insurance is not supported with China UnionPay.
  3. The feature is not supported in:
    • The Manage Your Booking – Change Itinerary Flow (MYB: CI);
    • The Manage Your Booking – Cancel Refund Flow (MYB: CR).


Digital Connect supports theChina UnionPay SecurePlus solution via a direct API call, which will be defined as POS Hosted and handled like a credit card.

Changes in services are the same for any flow where China UnionPay SecurePlus is offered.

The Revenue Flow (B2C)

  1. The airline obtains search criteria from the passenger and submits a /products/air/search request, POST operation to get a list of flights matching the search criteria.
  2. Airline UI displays the returned flights to the passenger on the Flights page.
  3. The passenger selects a flight.
  4. After the passenger selects one or more flights, the airline submits the /products/air POST operation to add the flight(s) to the itinerary and store the itinerary in the session.
  5. The airline prompts passenger for passenger details: first name/name/gender, date of birth, phone number, email address etc.
  6. The airline uses /passengers POST to add passenger to the itinerary.
  7. The airline calls /products/ancillaries GET to obtain list of ancillaries available for the currently selected itinerary.
  8. After ancillary selection the airline calls /products/ancillaries POST to add selected ancillaries to the itinerary.
  9. The shopping cart is updated.
  10. When the passenger indicates that shopping is complete the airline obtains available payment options for the current itinerary by calling GET /paymentOptions. The airline can format the information for display to the passenger.
  11. When the passenger selects form of payment, completes the payment and decides to purchase, the airline initiates the purchase and ticketing process by calling /purchase POST.
    • New feature:
      1. on the first /purchase call a passenger is asked for the mobile phone number to receive validation code;
      2. on the second /purchase call the code is passed to Payments.
  12. The confirmation page is displayed.
  13. The airlines submit a /pnr GET request. The airline can format the information for display to the passenger.