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Check Flight Tickets


The Check Flight Tickets method is designed to facilitate the process of checking flight ticket options (void, refund, or exchange) in a single, seamless API call.

Technical Overview

The Check Flight Tickets method is part of the larger Booking Management API, available in RPC/JSON format and designed to operate in a stateless way.

While this API is designed to operate in a stateless way, it accepts both sessionless (ATK) and session-based (ATH) tokens. When a call is made to this API via a session-based token, the session (AAA) is cleared before and after execution.

General Logic

The logic executed by Check Flight Tickets is defined by the electronic documents or the confirmationId submitted. The application will retrieve details for the entire reservation, or each document, and then validates if the requirements for the refund procedure are met. This includes pricing the refundable amount. With this logic, you can specify refund qualifiers for all ATPCO tickets.

In the second step, the application checks exchange eligibility. Potential exchange cost (exchange penalties, no-show cost - if applicable) is determined based on the ticket details for which internal coupon status verification is successful.

Finally, the application verifies void requirements. This analysis includes checking the void period, coupon status, and determining if all of the documents belong to the same reservation.

Note: Support for refund pricing depends on the participation of the issuing carrier and market.


The APIs orchestrated by Check Flight Tickets include:

Check Flight Tickets Request Structure

The Check Flight Tickets method checks tickets as specified. This allows you to submit a list of up to 12 elements from the same reservation to be checked.

  • targetPCC is used to specify which city (PCC) should change context using ContextChange (AAA). If empty, or equals the current city, the context doesn't change.
  • tickets is an array used to provide a list of 12 tickets to be checked. 1 to 12 elements are accepted.
    • number is the 13-digits electronic document number of the ticket.
    • refundQualifiers allows you to specify your request with additional parameters. This might override the automated pricing logic and is at your own responsibility.
      • overrideCancelFee is used to set a specific cancel fee agreed with the issuing carrier.
      • overrideTaxes allows you to override any refundable tax amount from the ticket. For XF tax, the airport code where its collected is required.
      • commissionAmount is used to set a total commission amount to be collected. This cannot be combined with commissionPercentage.
      • commissionPercentage is used to set a relative commission. This cannot be combined with commissionAmount.
      • commissionOnPenalty is used to collect the commission from the applicable penalty for the refund.
      • waiverCode is used to specify the max 14 characters waiver code.
      • tourCode is used to specify the max 15 characters tour code.
      • splitRefundAmounts specifies split refund amounts. This requires more than one form of payment when issuing tickets. Values of zero are accepted.
      • journeyTypeCode specifies the journey code in the markets where required.
  • confirmationId is used to specify the PNR Locator or Sabre Order ID. Alternatively, tickets can be defined.

Check Flight Tickets Response Structure

The Check Flight Tickets response contains:

  • errors contains errors and warnings (if applicable)
  • request contains the request send to the API
  • tickets contains detailed information about voidability and refundability of each ticket
  • cancelOffers contains detailed information about the voidability, refundability, and exchangeability of the NDC order
  • Only the entire NDC order can be checked. Partial voids or refunds are currently not supported.
  • A maximum of 12 documents is supported
  • All documents must belong to the same reservation (PNR)
  • EMDs are currently not supported

Error Handling

This section illustrates the current error handling logic for Check Flight Tickets:

Note: Please access the Check Flight Tickets - Error List section for additional details on possible errors returned by Check Flight Tickets.

Errors/Warnings returned by downstream services

The Check Flight Tickets response contains errors and warnings returned by downstream APIs and are always returned as a WARNING.