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Change Log

Release 10.25 | October 28, 2021 | Release Version 1.0

What's New?

Corrected the yaml file to map @Ref and @RefValue under the PriceGroup node instead of the Price node.
                    type: number
                    description: Applicable amount
                    example: 105.50
                    type: number
                    description: Applicable amount with taxes and fees
                    example: 147.90
                    type: string
                    description: 'ISO 4217 three alpha currency code'
                    example: USD
                    type: string
                    description: Indicates the type of price
                    - Average
                    - Minimum
                    - Maximum
                    - MinimumAvg
                    - MaximumAvg
                    - MinimumFirstNight
                    - MaximumFirstNight
                    - MinimumHighestPriceWithInclusiveTax
                    - MaximumHighestPriceWithInclusiveTax
                    type: string
                    description: Reference for the price, if not set it indicates it applies to all applicable products.
                    - AccessCode
                    - Agent
                    - ChannelizedRateAccessCode
                    - Corporate
                    - Group
                    - Loyalty
                    - Rate
                    - RateClass
                    - RateFilter
                    - Room
                    - RoomFeature
                    - Template
                    - Unknown
                    type: string
                    description: Reference value the @reference attribute

Release 10.24.1 | October 12, 2021 | Release Version 1.0

What's New?

Include cash pricing for Points or Cash redemption rates.

A Point or Cash rate lets a guest choose if they want to pay using points or cash. The Lead Avail API doesn't support returning point amounts, but it now supports returning the cash amount for a Points or Cash redemption rate.

Release 10.24 | September 18, 2021 | Release Version 1.0

What's New?

Filter Corporate rates

Added capability when searching for Corporate rates to specify if the response should only include Preferred and Required rates. If Corporate Preferred and Required rates are not configured or available, then other available corporate rates will be returned.

Parameter Description Type
accessFilterCorporateRates If true, the system will filter the results to only include Preferred and Required Company rates when available. Only applicable when @accessType=corporate. Boolean