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Change Fee Override EMD Gap

Digital Connect includes Change Fee Override functionality which requires a waiver code to be passed instead of a N/A value.

The functionality applies to the following paths:

  • Manage Your Booking – Change Itinerary Flow (MYB: CI);
  • Manage Your Booking – Modify Trip Options Flow (MYB: MTO);
  • Manage Your Booking – Cancel and Refund Flow (MYB: CR);
  • Loyalty Phase III – Cancel and Refund.


  • Default waiver code needs to be configured.
  • The default waiver code must match a waiver code in the MISCO Table.
  • Change Fee override needs to be enabled via multihost table.

Error Handling

Digital Connect validates code(s) entered by a passenger and returns errors if:

  • Invalid waiver code is passed to select flight service in Manage Your Booking – Change Itinerary Flow (MYB: CI);
  • Invalid waiver code is passed to cancel service in Manage Your Booking – Cancel Refund Flow (MYB: CR);
  • Change fee override is enabled in host but not in Digital Connect.


There are no changes to any of the Digital Connect Services.

  • Host Refund Record shows waived:

Change Fee Override - host refund record









Multi host table in Host

  • Change Fee Override ON

    Change Fee Override - enabled
  • Change Fee Override OFF

    Change Fee Override - disabled
  • It is possible to turn on Change Fee Override and bypass web.

    Change Fee Override bypassed for WEB SERVICES:

    Change Fee Override - by passed by web servisces