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Business Loyalty

Business Loyalty

Digital Connect provides support for collecting business loyalty information:

Support for collecting business loyalty program information, adding it to the current itinerary, and when the user purchases the itinerary, adding it to the PNR.

Business loyalty program information can be collected in two ways:

  • If the airline’s frequent flyer program has a corporate version, the passenger’s loyalty program information can be stored in the user’s profile (in this case the loyalty program information is retrieved automatically when the user logs in).
  • If the passenger participates in a loyalty program such as BlueBiz, Target, or SkyBonus, the airline can prompt the user for this information along with other passenger details.


Airlines can manage business loyalty information with the following sequence of Digital Connect service calls:

In short, to accomplish the scenario functionality, the airline can:

  • If the user has a frequent flyer account that is a corporate loyalty account:
    1. The user supplies frequent flyer credentials, and the airline uses the /login POST service to log the user in.
    2. The airline uses /login GET service to retrieve the user profile details.
    3. The airline uses /passengers POST service to add the corporate loyalty account information to the current itinerary/session.
  • If the user/passenger has a corporate loyalty program other than the airline’s own program, then it can supplied when passenger details are collected:
    1. The airline prompts for passenger details, including a corporate loyalty program.
    2. The airline uses /passengers POST to add the corporate loyalty program, along with other passenger details, to the current itinerary/session.
  • When the user completes the itinerary and decides to purchase, the airline initiates the purchase and ticketing process by calling the /purchase POST operation with all the information in the current itinerary/session.
  • If payment is successfully authorized, the purchase and ticketing process adds the business loyalty information to the PNR.