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Staying in the Know with Sabre Dev Studio: A Peek into Dev Insights

Dev Insights

Avery Perkins | March 2020

You’ve spoken, and we’re listening. Our customers are our top priority, and today we are proud to offer a peek into Sabre Dev Studio’s newest developer-driven initiative: Dev Insights. A communication medium for the modern developer, Dev Insights is a one-stop-shop to keep you up to speed in an industry moving a mile a minute.

2020 is the Year of the Developer

Here at Sabre, we are committed to pioneering solutions to optimize your development experience. With innovations and update announcements around every corner, we know important changes can get lost in the chaos of data. To help you stay up to date on the latest and greatest, we are implementing a new resource to stay in the know: Dev Insights.

Another Email?

Relax, relax. Trust us, we know how full an Outlook inbox can get. That’s why Dev Insights is a quarterly roadmap to all need-to-know, and nothing more, information on Dev Studio. Be watchful at the end of each quarter to receive the latest information to keep you up to date with Sabre Dev Studio.

What You Need to Know

Dev Insights will share the latest API releases and deprecations so that you can prepare when and how you want for all future changes to adjust as smoothly as possible.

All recent Dev Studio blog articles will be released so you can know exactly what the next great offering will be or catch up on the latest buzz in the Sabre community.

Lastly, event registrations and information links will be available so that you can participate in all upcoming Sabre opportunities. Dev Insights is for YOU, nothing more, nothing less.

Be on the lookout for the upcoming Volume 1 of Dev Insights, coming to you soon!