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SDK Web Extension Points Now Available for Sabre Red 360 Web Compatibility

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Alex Xavier | January 2021

Sabre Red 360 Web is the next evolution in enabling travel consultants to access Sabre and sell travel anywhere, offering browser-based access to the Sabre platform with the same industry-leading content and intuitive user experience as Sabre Red 360. 

Travel consultants can now work from anywhere with an internet connection enabling them to search, book, amend and fulfill travel from their agency environment without being in the office, making out-of-hour support and remote working easy. 

Sabre Red 360 Web has full support for command and graphical workflows and basic automation with PF Keys. 

Devices displaying Sabre Red 360 Web

One area of differentiation for Sabre Red 360 Web is that Helper Apps and Red Apps currently available in Sabre Red 360 desktop will not be available in Sabre Red 360 Web as the Java technology used for these Apps is not compatible with browser-based access. 

The Sabre Red 360 SDK was extended to facilitate the creation of Red Apps that can be used with Sabre Red 360 Web and Sabre Red 360 desktop environments. The Web Red Apps need to be created in TypeScript technology to customize Sabre Red 360 Web and Sabre Red 360 going forward.  

More details about the Web App development including sample applications can be found here where you can download the most recent version of SDK. Please check “Web Red App Development” and “New workflow extensions” sections of SDK documentation. You may also refer to the video “Sabre Red 360 – Installing the SDK” for additional guidance on the installation.  

Please contact Red Apps Support to enable access to Sabre Red 360 Web and ability to test code locally in CERT.