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A New Way to Book Lodging Made Easier

Abby Messier | September 2019

What’s the new EnhancedHotelBook API? 

Are you currently implementing Content Services for Lodging into your booking tool? You may have already started your integration of our orchestrated or granular shopping APIs and now it’s time to look at booking.  

Introducing the EnhancedHotelBook API, a new lodging SOAP/XML API allowing you to book both hotel GDS and new lodging aggregator content in a stateful environment, modify GDS bookings, and have full integration with your mid- and back-officeproducts. 

How It Works 

The API performs several steps when booking a hotel room. 

  1. It will decode and retrieve shopped rate details based on the data provided by the “Hotel Booking Key”. 
  2. Depending on the data of the booking key and user input, the API will follow one of the following three strategies to book the desired hotel rate: 
    1. Aggregator hotel via CSL 
    2. GDS hotel via CSL 
    3. GDS hotel as a legacy segment 
  3. If the booking is successful, the API will validate the newly added segment statuses as returned by the hotel vendor (HK/SS/NN/PN/UC/NO): 
    1. HK/SS/NN/PN are considered successful 
    2. UC/NO are considered unsuccessful and the API will return an error 
  4. Finally, it will return the current state of the session in the response payload (an internal call to TravelItineraryReadRQ).

Interested in learning more? Get access to the new EnhancedHotelBook API schemas, documentation and support materials here

Other Booking Offerings to Explore

Like any offering out there, we know that one size doesn’t always fit all. We also know that no two workflows function the same.  We want to make sure we’re here to help meet your needs, so that`s why we offer a few different options for you to connect to. 

Here’s a quick guide to help you select the best Content Services for Lodging booking API fit for your workflow needs.  


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