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Introducing Shopping IQ: Customer Behavior Forecaster


Ken Tabor | April 2024

Welcome to our latest API, the Customer Behavior Forecaster. This API is designed to provide you with valuable insights into customer behavior when they choose specific air travel offers, helping you make better decisions about your strategies on presenting and updating air travel offers .

Key Features

The Customer Behavior Forecaster API offers a range of powerful features, including:

  • Probability of selection: Predict the likelihood that a customer will select a specific offer from a list of options.
  • Real-time information: Access real-time information on customer behavior so that you can make informed decisions quickly.
  • Automated Intelligent processes: Automate tasks such as optimizing displays, markups, offer filtering etc. to have built in intelligence across systems.

Use Cases

The Customer Behavior Forecaster API can be employed in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples of use cases:

  • Analyze effect of marketing: Understand the offer attractiveness and use the probabilities to understand if any specific promotion campaign has prospect of returning benefits or not. 
  • Optimal Display Order: Use the predicted probabilities and combine with various other internal and external proprietary factors to come up with an optimal display order that maximizes booking conversions. 
  • Offline Analytics: Include the predicted probabilities in offline analytics to understand offers being presented to travelers and identify duplications, missing links etc.
  • Making better pricing decisions: Set markups that are competitive and profitable, depending on real-time data on customer preferences.
  • Identify customer groups: Comparing preference of offers for specific searches to find distinct customer groups and tune the content accordingly. 

Business Value

The Customer Behavior Forecaster API can provide significant value to your business, for instance:

  • Increased revenue: Generate more revenue by curating right offers for the customers.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Keep your customers happy by providing them with the offers they want.
  • Competitive advantage: Gain a competitive advantage by using data to make better decisions.
  • Insight: Benefit from straightforward metric in analytics.

Release Notes

The latest release of the Customer Behavior Forecaster API includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • New endpoint: The getOfferSelectionProbabilities endpoint allows you to predict the probability of selection for a specific offer from a list of options.
  • Enhanced documentation: The API documentation has been updated to make it easier to use and understand.
  • Accurate Models: Machine Learning models working under the hood have improved accuracies. 

See More

You can request access to API landing page to explore the Customer Behavior Forecaster API. Existing customers and partners request access through a Sabre account manager, new customers please use this Contact Us « Sabre

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