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Importance of API Documentation


Chandana Srinivas | June 2020

Sabre APIs encompass multi-domain offerings. The more we develop travel-related APIs, the more we make travel evolve into new and better forms. Delivering better travel APIs largely depends on having great documentation as APIs are as good as their documentation.

In this blog, the significance of API documentation and why it matters the most is emphasized.

Developers need documentation to understand the APIs they are using. It’s important to equip the APIs with the content deliverables which provide instruction on utilizing and integrating them effectively.

The Purpose

Documentation forms the basis for better developer experience.

Learning a new API without documentation can be difficult. Travel APIs have multiple domains and functionalities.   Documenting the APIs is equally important with that of writing the code.  Even the best of the APIs might go unnoticed if their applicability is not understood.

Sabre develops APIs related to multiple travel domains such as Air Shopping,  Lodging, Car, Cruise, and Booking, to name a few. And, each of these has a bundle of APIs developed for multiple functionalities and effective usability. To make these APIs user friendly and to create a better developer experience, our primary aim is to create best in class documentation.

The Focus

At Sabre, we focus on delivering the completely packaged API content with an overview, code descriptions, release notes, error information, and examples.  This not only increases user adoption and awareness greatly, but it also enhances the clarity and consistency and provides ease of use and maintenance.

The API documentation also adheres to the language formatting rules set by the styles and standards.  The Sabre API documentation style guide is written to the standards and applicable requirements.

We use an Open API (Swagger) standard to create the reference API documentation along with supporting platforms like GitHub and Drupal CMS.

Check out a few samples of our documentation for services like Booking Management and Car Availability that offers seamless ways of accessing and utilizing the dynamic API content.

On a concluding note…

The importance of designing good documentation is a powerful approach to offer the best in class APIs along with elevating the developer experience to greater heights. It increases API consumption and user adoption effectively at a faster pace. The easier an API is to understand, the easier it is to implement. 

I leave you with this quote “If APIs are the product, documentation is the product interface.”