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How the Virtual Developer Bench Expedites Your Understanding of Sabre Products

Virtual Developer Bench

Avery Perkins | February 2021

If you are an account holder on Sabre Dev Studio, you’ve most likely seen a monthly invitation from us inviting you to join us for our Virtual Developer Bench sessions. Whether you’ve had the chance to attend, have been hesitant thus far, or are just now learning about the Virtual Developer Bench, we can’t wait to share more.

What is the Virtual Developer Bench?

The Virtual Developer Bench is a monthly call held by Sabre Experts who know their product inside and out. Calls are 90 minutes long and include educational presentations, product demonstrations, Q&A with our experts, and more.

Calls thus far have covered Scripts to Red Apps migration, Sabre APIs, Bargain Finder Max, and the new airline storefront. Coming up, we will be discussing Content Services for Lodging and New Distribution Capability (NDC) . Sessions are being added every month, so be on the look out for new additions.

How Can I Benefit?

We created the Virtual Developer Bench because we wanted to give our developer community the chance to hear directly from the individuals who create the products they work with, day in and day out. The Virtual Developer Bench gives developers the opportunity to ask questions, accelerate projects, and simply interact with one another in an informative environment.

How Do I Join the Next Call?

Virtual Developer Bench sessions are held in real time through Microsoft Teams Live Event. Attendees can join over web or through the Microsoft Teams application. Register here for an upcoming Virtual Developer Bench session. We promise that each call is insightful, informative, and most importantly, fun!

If you have any questions regarding the Virtual Developer Bench, please contact our team at