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Creating a Multi-Room Booking Using Content Services for Lodging

Content Services for Lodging
New Hotel APIs

Melissa Villarroya | August 2020

In the past, completing a hotel booking for a small group in Sabre has not been an easy task. How many times have your travel consultants attempted to book 5 rooms in a hotel, one by one, only to find out after you had already booked 4, that there was no more availability at a given property?

The new Sabre Content Services for Lodging (CSL) will make your agent’s life much easier in a situation like this. CSL is our new set of lodging APIs that you can use to customize your own point of sale, and now you can also shop and book for multi-room with our new content offering.

You can do this in two different ways:

1. You can use one of our aggregators that support multi-room shopping

You simply choose from one of our shopping options and specify multiple rooms (“Index”) under the “Room” Array. An example on GetHotelRateInfoRQ below:

GetHotelRateInfo 2 rooms

If the room/rate from the supply source is the same as from the original rate key, a successful response is returned. Provided in the response is a BookingKey, a new encrypted field, which can be used across the CSL Booking APIs – EnhancedHotelBookUpdateReservation  or Create Passenger Name Record. The booking request needs to match the number of room indexes provided in the shopping request.

Aggregator-Specific Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many rooms can I sell at one time?

You can sell up to 9 rooms however each aggregator will accept different amount of rooms so your shopping will determine that.

2. Can I use this method for GDS content?

This method can only be used for aggregator content, please check item 2 for GDS multiple room booking flow.

3. Are there any restrictions on what I can book?

The same configuration should be defined per room (i.e. 2 ADT per room (a total of 4 guests). If you would like to send 1 ADT in room index 1 and 2 ADT in room index you would need to do a separate search.

4. Can we assign guests per room during booking? (e.g. N1 and N2 in Room 1, N3 in Room 2)

You can use the same PNR, but you would have to shop and book separately for each group.

5. How do we cancel/modify a reservation with multiple rooms? 

We cancel segments, if we shopped 2 rooms we will get one booking key, resulting in one segment, and we cannot cancel individual rooms there, we would have to cancel both, as they’re in a single segment.

6. If we send multiple guests in a search, is there a way through the API to ensure all availability results contain rooms with enough beds to accommodate all guests? For example, a search for 4 guests should only return rooms with two double beds, two queens, etc.

 If you specify 4 guests, then only rooms with double beds should be returned.

2. You can orchestrate our new set of APIs to achieve a multiple room booking

As you may know, on the GDS you can only shop for one room at a time and you can only sell that room that you shopped, as the rate key is going to determine the room you book. However, you can still book multiple rooms with the below workflow.

  1. Look for availability and rates at a given property using GetHotelDetails. You will be provided with a rate key for a product/room.
  2. Repeat Step 1 as many times as rooms you need to book before you move to Step 3.
  3. Once you have all the rate keys you need, perform a HotelPriceCheck with rate key to obtain your booking keys.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for as many times as rooms you are booking.
  5. Proceed to sell by using one of the CSL booking APIs. You have 2 options here: You can use Create Passenger Name Record to create a single PNR per room, or use Enhanced Hotel Book to sell all your rooms in one single PNR together with EnhancedEndTransaction to end the PNR or use UpdateReservation to combine all rooms into one single reservation.
  6. Repeat Step 5 for each booking key.
  7. Don’t forget to close the reservation.

The performance improvements we have achieved with the CSL APIs allow you to orchestrate this workflow whilst ensuring the traveler or agent experience remains consistent. We recommend following this process only for bookings of 9 rooms or less to avoid conflicting with hoteliers’ specific group strategies.

Sabre is working to implement the workflow we just described into our APIs in 2021.

Sabre is doing its best to generate multiple room shopping so that aggregator and GDS can be booked the same way. However, most suppliers don’t support multi-room shopping today, which is required in CSL to be able to do a multi-room booking.

Please contact or your technical helpdesk if you would like help achieving your multi-room reservation.


Authored by: Sales Strategy and Support | Lodging, Ground and Sea