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Announcing: Sabre Developer Partner Network Has Launched

Developer Partner
Developer Partner Network

Jojo Pamplina | December 2020

The advancement of technology over the years has allowed the travel agency business to evolve in order to find new ways to stand out amidst competition.  Here at Sabre, we pioneer innovative opportunities to break down walls in the travel technology industry. This year, we are proud to offer our customers a centralized e-commerce system that removes the barrier between 3rd party developers and agencies, cultivating a community where collaborative customization is celebrated.   


Introducing Sabre Developer Partner Network

Launched in October 2020, Sabre Developer Partner Network provides an open platform which enables the intersection of supply and demand between Sabre Developer Partners and Sabre connected agencies.  

Figure 1: Sabre Developer Partner Network homepage
Figure 1: Sabre Developer Partner Network homepage

Sabre Developer Partners are authorized 3rd party developers ready and able to build custom solutions for Sabre-connected agencies. Through Sabre Developer Partner Network, travel agencies will be able to easily identify the best Sabre Developer Partner that satisfy their unique business needs for tailored custom solutions. For Sabre Developer Partners, the Developer Partner Network provides an opportunity to promote themselves and offer personalized services, increasing revenue and business opportunities.  

As part of our effort to enhance our support and services to Developer Partners, we are also pleased to announce the launch of a new Partner Tier system which will kick off in January 2021. Tiers have been established to enable Sabre to optimize our resources and strengthen partnerships with developers. Sabre Developer Partners are assigned to a tier based on their level of investment with Sabre and enjoy the benefits associated with their respective tier. As a Developer Partner grows with Sabre, so does our investment and partnership. 

All Sabre Developer Partners receive resources to ensure optimal onboarding as well as easy integration with the Sabre Platform, along with faster adoption of Sabre innovations, and access to the Sabre network of agencies. Depending on their tier, Developer Partners may also receive a dedicated account director, technical consulting, and free promotional opportunities. 

Visit Sabre Developer Partner Network to find out more.