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Accelerate Development for Travel Applications With the Automation Solutions APIs


Avery Perkins | September 2021

Sabre is proud to introduce our newest collection of post-booking automation tools: Automation Solutions.

On average, travel agents spend 70% of their time performing manual tasks such as ticket issuance, cancellations, tracking follow-ups, etc. In the wake of COVID-19, these responsibilities skyrocketed, leaving agencies overwhelmed and underprepared. With Automation Solutions, these tasks go from hand-operated to seamlessly automated.

Comprised of solutions capable of automating processes from schedule changes to queue activity, Automation Solutions is everything an agency needs to reduce manual workload and costs, increase customer satisfaction, and eradicate human error.

When accessing Automation Solutions, customers have three options: the off-the-shelf Automation Hub, outsourcing development to a Sabre Developer Partner prepared with products for your specific needs or using a product collection of Sabre APIs that allow hands-on customization of existing workflows.

Automation Solutions Product Collection

Our set of curated Automation Solutions APIs enable you to fully automate your post-booking process by streamlining administrative tasks. Visit the Automation Solutions Product Collection to access all APIs needed to start post-booking automation.

These functions include:

  • Schedule Change
  • Ticketing
  • Automated Exchanges
  • Refunds
  • Void/Cancel
  • Air Extras
  • Itinerary Revalidation
  • and more!

Why use it?

Manual administrative responsibilities cost agencies potential revenue opportunities.

When agents spend most of their day handling administrative tasks, they aren’t building customer relationships or increasing sales. Imagine if your post-booking process was fully automated.

With the product collection of Automation Solutions APIs, you can:

  • Eliminate manual administrative tasks
  • Focus on sales, not operational needs
  • Eradicate human errors
  • Reduce additional costs

Ready to get started?

Contact your Sabre Account Manager and check out our documentation in the Reference and Setup and Guides tabs for more!