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4 New Ways We’re Changing the Way You Do Car Shopping

Sabre API

Abby Messier | October 2019

You wouldn’t walk into a grocery store blindfolded to purchase tonight’s dinner, would you? How would you know if what you were buying was fresh, the right amount, and truly fit for your needs?   

Just like personal shopping, travel shopping shouldn’t be done blindly. We know that lack of information such as what the product looks like can lead to travel agent inefficiencies, poor customer experiences, and ultimately, unhappy travelers.  Shopping for car rentals is no different. 

Introducing GetVehAvailRQ a new SOAP/XML and REST/JSON Car shopping API helping your travel agents find the best car rental option for their traveler with improved capabilities including vehicle images and the ability to shop by numbers of bags and seatbelts a car holds. All within one single display. 

Check out the four new ways GetVehAvailRQ will change the way your agency does car shopping in your workflow today.  

  1. Additional Content: Providing additional location information for car images, logos, hours of operation, address, latitude and longitude and car attributes on every shopping response.  
  2. Easy Orchestration:  Access to over 38,000 rental locations by combining airport and non-airport shopping into one easy–to–use service.
  3. Enhanced Searching Capabilities: Ability to shop by using the number of seatbelts and bags that your traveler requires the vehicle to accommodate 
  4. Modernized: Offered in SOAP/XML and REST/JSON API; leveraging improved data structures for easier sorting capabilities and supported by robust documentation.

As with all new things comes improved change so that we can better support your needs. Functionality in OTA_VehAvailRateLLSRQ and OTA_VehLocationFinderLLSRQ is replaced in GetVehAvailRQ. Please prepare for your migration to this new Car shopping API as OTA_VehAvailRateLLSRQ and OTA_VehLocationFinderLLSRQ will be sunset in the near future.  

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