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Binary Build Requirements

Use Eclipse to add custom files in your plug-in project to the bin.includes list in This ensures that these files are included in the exported JAR file.

The following figure shows the files that are included in the binary build for a main Red App plug-in project with internationalization services in Eclipse.

This binary build also applies to any dependent plug-ins.

If a Red App is distributed among multiple plug-ins, every plug-in project has its own file. The file does not include dependencies or references to the other plug-in project.

ec binarybuildforjar examplenew

Binary Build Files and Folders in a Plug-in Project as Displayed in Eclipse


Custom files include the following:

  • images folder for image files

  • redapp.xml in the main plug-in

  • Plug-in properties files and the resources folder for plug-ins that have internationalization

  • plugin.xml


  • Other custom files that a Red App uses