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Benefits and Features

Benefits and features are as follows:

  • Diversity logic applies, but you can influence the rule parameters at the request level.
  • All applicable segments on any trip type request and response, including one-way, round-trip, open jaw, and multi-destination.
  • Applicable to itineraries shopping single and multiple passengers.
  • Applicable to itineraries shopping public and private fares.
  • Applicable to Alternate City shopping.
  • Applicable to Shop Across Passenger Type.
  • Applicable for Response Restructure (GIR).
  • Additional Nonstops also includes direct flights.

If a developer decides to invoke Price and Travel Time and Additional Nonstop qualifiers, customer development work will be required on the Sabre request, but no development work will be required on the Sabre response. The response changes are the additional nonstop, and price and travel time weighting will be within the results sets returned based on Bargain Finder Max tier level 50, 100, or 200 options.