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Bargain Finder Max XML Help

Bargain Finder Max is an interface into the Air Shopping engine through a Universal Service Gateway (USG) that allows users to use the shopping engine without a traditional Sabre terminal. Users of Bargain Finder Max are developers, business analysts, and customer service agents.

When a shopper searches for low fares, the XML (Extensible Markup Language) within Bargain Finder Max communicates with the shopping engine and returns the appropriate response. Sometimes, the settings within the XML request or response do not find the expected fares, and in order to troubleshoot these situations, you may need to make changes to the preferences set in the XML request or response.

Bargain Finder Max XML Help allows you to find the necessary information to make changes to the preferences set within the XML files. Bargain Finder Max XML Help contains detailed information about Bargain Finder Max's XML schemas including descriptions, data requirements, usage requirements, patterns, children, attributes, and minimum and maximum occurrences. Bargain Finder Max XML Help describes the following XML schemas in detail:

Common Types
Bargain Finder Max Request
Bargain Finder Max Response
Features and Benefits of Bargain Finder Max
About Bargain Finder Max and How it Works

Use the following topics to help you get started using Bargain Finder Max XML Help:
Understanding XML Schemas
Understanding Patterns