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Baggage Allowance

“Products” in the context of Digital Connect services, means air transportation, ancillaries, bags, and seats (including paid seats). Use the /products/air/bags service to obtain information about bag allowances for any flight added to the current itinerary.

Itineraries built with the /products services are held in session until you use the /purchase service to book the itinerary and create a PNR. This service can only be used after the flights have been selected and added to the itinerary with the Select Flights (/products/air) service.

  • The services that provide the ability to obtain the bag allowances available for selected flights have the following functionalities:
  • On the Select Flight page where airlines can request Baggage Allowance (cabin baggage and registered baggage).
  • The ability to offer additional pieces or override offers for free baggage allowance. The baggage allowance can be modified based upon values desired by a carrier.
  • Additional support for bag ancillaries and associated SSRs - ability to save information about weight and dimensions of the baggage.

The bag fee feature allows airlines to comply with US Department of Transportation regulations for making bag fee information available while shopping for flights. Potential bag fees can be seen before booking a flight and again when viewing the Confirmation page after booking a flight. For airlines using the bag fees feature response now includes:

  • Number of bags that can be checked free of charge.
  • Size and weight limitations on checked bags, regardless of whether the bags are free or subject to fees.

Note: This functionality is only available if the airline maintains information about the bag allowances for the different tier levels in the Customer Entitlement Table (CET).


Bag allowances must be set up in advance. The airline needs to file the specific baggage allowance in ATPCO.

Bags API

Service Name

Business Function



Obtain information about bag allowances on flights the passenger has selected.

GET – returns information about bag allowances for flights in the current itinerary; includes the number of free bags allowed on the selected flights, the number of carry-ons allowed, and the availability of additional paid bags and carry-ons.

Service bags response was extended by additional data returned from GBI (GET Baggage Information).