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Automation Solutions

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What is it?

Our set of curated Automation Solutions APIs enable you to fully automate your post-booking process by streamlining administrative tasks.

These functions include:

  • Quality Check: Retrieve, evaluate, and update PNRs according to specifications defined on the agency’s business layer.
  • Schedule Change: Exchange tickets impacted by airline-driven schedule changes (also known as Involuntary Changes). These new tickets are processed as even exchanges per IATA regulations.
  • Queue: Access queues, analyze content, display queue counts, and place PNRs on (or remove PNRs from) queues.
  • Receive Real Time Reports: Search for itineraries, display audit trails, and display reports for unused eTickets.
  • Ticketing: All processes around issuing documents (tickets and EMDs) are orchestrated into a single API call.
  • Exchange Shopping: Search for itinerary options to replace one, multiple, or all flights in a given ticket, where every itinerary option is delivered with its total transaction cost.
  • Automated Exchanges: Price an air ticket exchange and store all data required for the transaction.
  • Exchange Booking: Update the itinerary and create a Price Quote Reissue Record for a voluntary ticket exchange, all in a single API call​.
  • Refunds: Price and fulfill air ticket refunds where all calculations are made and guaranteed by Sabre.
  • Void/Cancel: Cancel a part of, or an entire reservation, irrespective of what it contains (flight, hotel, car, etc.) or how it was created (NDC, Sabre, CSL).
  • Seat Map: Display a seat map with prices for a given carrier code, flight number, class of service, board point, off point, and departure date.
  • Air Extras: Shop for flight-related ancillaries, including pre-paid checked-in baggage, as filed by the airline via ATPCO. This API takes into consideration all applicable rules, based upon the itinerary, passenger type, and frequent flyer tier among other criteria.
  • Itinerary Revalidation: Our Revalidate Itinerary API is an enhanced option for upselling air offers. Once an offer has been selected for purchase, this API revalidates the availability and price of the offer without holding airline inventory, while also delivering additional price options for the same itinerary.

APIs are just one of the ways to implement Automation Solutions into your solution. For other options, refer to Automation Hub or get in touch with a Sabre Developer Partner.

Ready to get started?

Contact your Sabre Account Manager and check out our documentation in the Reference and Setup and Guides tabs for more!

Why use it?

Manual administrative responsibilities cost agents potential revenue opportunities.

Most agents spend up to 70% of their time working on repetitive, non-revenue-centric tasks, such as monitoring queues, managing bookings and documentation, tracking follow-ups, and handling customer enquires.

Imagine if your post-booking process was fully automated, so that you could focus exclusively on what matters most: increasing sales and building relationships with customers.​ With the product collection of Automation Solutions APIs, you can:

  • Eliminate manual administrative tasks
  • Focus on sales, not operational needs
  • Eradicate human errors
  • Reduce additional costs

Contact your Account Manager to learn more about how the Automation Solutions capabilities can revolutionize your business.