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The Automated Exchanges (AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ) service is used to price an air ticket exchange. This product is marketed to Sabre Travel Network customers.

Common errors

  • UNABLE TO REPRICE FOR AUTOMATED AND MANUAL REISSUE: This error occurs when you begin a ticket exchange with Automated Exchanges with a WFRF entry and the pricing system cannot complete a fare computation. It is possible the airline did not load all fare appropriate fare rules (i.e. Category 31 rules).
  • REISSUE NOT ALLOWED - NUMBER OF REISSUES RESTRICTED: This error occurs when reissuing or exchanging a ticket and the carrier does not allow reissue or exchange transactions or the ticket has reached the maximum number of times it can be exchanged or reissued.
  • INVALID AS BOOKED - LOWER FARE APPLIES: Invalid as booked usually means the flights and classes as they are booked in the PNR's itinerary do not qualify for an automated exchange as they do not comply with the fare rules. This does not mean the exchange cannot be done, as there may be other classes that do apply.
  • FLT$ CHK DATE/TIME CONTINUITY: The agent is pricing or ticketing segments out of chronological order or duplicate flights.  This error also occurs when flights do not have the next day/previous day arrival indicator.
  • NO COMBINABLE FARES FOR CLASS USED: No fare or combination of fares passed the fare rule validation process or Multiple carriers have specified different selling currencies which the travel agent cannot issue on the same ticket
  • VERIFY COUPON STATUS: No Open Coupons Available for Exchange in the specified ticket number.
  • BASE/EQV CURRENCY MUST BE THE SAME ON THE EXCH AND NEW TICKET: Different currency code from the original ticket
  • INCORRECT COUPON STATUS FOR ALL REQUESTED TICKETS: This can happen if the coupon is under airline control, as the carriers do not always return this information in the WETR response.
  • WFRF ENTRY NOT AVAILABLE: This error occurs when attempting to begin a ticket exchange using Automated Exchanges and the option is not active in the TJR.


What should I know before using the service? Automated Exchanges TJR indicator must be active. If you don’t have it, please contact your account manager to request the activation.



The ticket being exchanged/reissued must be in the Sabre system database (WTDB*)

A previously ended PNR with a Sabre record locator is required or the error NEED PNR displays  (if an unused ticket is to be used for exchange, create a PNR and end and retrieve it before requesting the WFRF processing)

If Passenger Type is required, you must add it to your WFRF entry, or the ticket defaults to ADT.  This is because the Automated Exchanges tool does not accept the passenger type stored in the PD field of the PNR

Ticket coupons cannot be used out of order.

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