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Red App developers need the following skills and expertise to develop plug-ins and clients for Sabre Red 360:

  • Knowledge of the Sabre Red 360 client, the technologies that the client is built upon, and the APIs that the client provides

  • Java programming

  • Development using the Eclipse IDE

  • Knowledge of extension points, OSGi services, and APIs, if you are developing plug-ins that use Eclipse RCP functionality created by Sabre

The technology that Red App developers choose will dictate the skill set that they need. The preceding list describes skills for Red App developers who want to build advanced Red Apps using Java and the most sophisticated capabilities in the Sabre Red 360 Software Development Kit.

It is not necessary for Red App developers to know about the server-side components in Sabre Red 360 to integrate or implement an existing application into it.

Red App developers who are planning to develop Red Apps that use cardholder or personal data also need the following knowledge and skills, and to conform to all security requirements when designing and developing Red Apps.

  • Red App developers must be knowledgeable in secure coding techniques such as OWASP.

  • The development of Red Apps must be based on secure coding guidelines to prevent common coding vulnerabilities in the software development process.

  • Red App developers must comply with all laws, including applicable data privacy laws and regulations governing the collection, storage, and use of user data.