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Sabre technologies can be accessed in a Tier 1 layer (a web/presentation layer) that offers such capabilities as configuration management, session management, and cache management.

Digital Connect builds a set of state of the art services that allows a presentation layer entirely created by the Airline. Using Digital Connect, Airlines can

  • build native applications
  • integrate external content
  • cross-sell features

The Digital Connect API allows an access to Tier 1 services, as shown in the following diagram:


The following principles guide the architecture of the Digital Connect API:

  • Uniform interfaces – the API provides an interface between client side and server side that simplifies and decouples the architecture. This enables the client side and server side to independently evolve.
  • Client/server relationship between Digital Connect Services and their users – as long as the interface is not altered, this allows for both client side and server side actors to be independently developed and replaced.
  • State management on the server side – state management enables greater flexibility since the server will be maintaining, updating, or communicating the session state.
  • A layered system – adherence to the preceding principles facilitates the use of intermediary (hardware) servers which further improve system scalability by enabling load-balancing and providing shared caches. It would also facilitate enforcement security policies.
  • Cacheable – caching eliminates client/server interactions and thus, further improves scalability and performance.