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Application Launcher Bar

A launcher bar contribution is a menu entry on an application launcher bar menu. Like main menu contributions, application launcher bar menu entries are also associated with a command that is executed when end-users select it. The following figure shows the menus on the application launcher bar.

srwlauncherbaroptions cropped

The menus organize applications and commands into categories. The use of menus to which you can add contributions are described below. Note that you cannot add a new menu to the launcher bar.

  • Tools. This category is for applications and booking tools that agents use in their daily work to make reservations and book content. You can add your Red App to any appropriate Tools sub-menu, but you cannot add to the Tools menu root. Sabre will reject Red Apps that contribute to the root.

        Tools sub-menus. The Tools sub-menus group tools that agents use for booking and searching the content of travel vendors such as airline, car and ground transportation, rail, hotel companies, and more.

  • Air

  • Car and Ground

  • Hotels

  • Tour and Vacation Packages

  • Other

  • Cruise

  • Rail

  • Community.   This category is for links to applications that assist travel professionals with providing better service to their clients, for example, travel and destination information and visa services. The Community category also lets agencies exchange ideas through social networking, for example, Agency eServices, Agent Stream, and Sabre Rewards Plus.

  • Admin. This category is intended for tools that manage the workstation configuration of agents and control provisioning of apps and tools to the desktops of agents, for example, Agency Admin Tools and Sabre Profiles Admin.

When end-users select your contribution from any sub-menu, your contribution can perform any of the following actions:

  • Open an editor in a tabbed window, and run a stand-alone application

  • Open a view window, and run a Red App assistant tool in the view

  • Execute a custom command