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Ancillary Shopping

Ancillary services, also known as optional services or Air Extras, are supplementary services that the carrier offers the customer. Airline can generate non- air revenue via ancillary sales.  

Digital Connect has in their services portfolio ancillary shopping services which include services to search for ancillaries and select ancillaries in different paths. 

Ancillary shopping services give opportunities to shop for different ancillaries like bags, lounge access, transportation of pets, paid seats and many more products which an airline can define excluding flights.  

To obtain the list of available ancillaries available for flights the passenger has selected, use the GET operation of /products/ancillaries service. Use this information to populate a display of available ancillary products for the passenger. To add any ancillary selected by the passenger to the itinerary use POST operation of /products/ancillaries service. 

Note that itineraries built with the /products service is held in session until you use the /purchase service to book the itinerary and create a PNR. This service can only be used after the flights have been selected and added to the itinerary with the Select Flights (/products/air) service. 

The fulfillment of the ancillaries is done via EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) issued for non-air products and fees. There are two types of them: EMD-A- associated to a VCR (Virtual Coupon Record) and EMD-S standalone document.  


  • To provide the flexibility to the airline and accommodate merchandising strategies, airline can create ancillaries and file them in ATPCO or Merchandising Manager in advance.