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Anchored Search

The Anchored Search capability was added to the BargainFinderMax request to enable a new workflow to obtain more combinable flight options.

The Anchored Search feature enables an itinerary option to be selected, in order to receive (in a second search) only itinerary recommendations that are combined with the previously selected segments.

The number of options returned will be up to the number of options subscribed to (50, 100, 200).

The Anchored Search capability is consumed in two steps:

  1. Perform a standard BargainFinderMax search, which returns a list of the lowest round-trip or multi-city options.
  2. Perform a new BargainFinderMax search using the anchor capabilities by specifying the flight details of the leg selected from the previous step. The response will return combinable flight options to the ‘fixed’ flights provided in the request.

Anchored Search information includes: