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Alternate Dates

Specific elements can be used to trigger an alternate dates search. Alternate Dates search can either be triggered by +/– dates set in a rule or overridden by values sent in the request.

In the Bargain Finder Max schema, you specify an Alternate Dates search by setting the NbrOfDays attribute of the DateFlexibility element to the desired +/– days value for a given origin and destination:


<DateFlexibility NbrOfDays="2"/>

The full XPath to this attribute is “OTA_AirLowFareSearchRQ/OriginDestinationInformation/TPA_Extensions/DateFlexibility/@NbrOfDays”.

This setting does not trigger the Alternate Dates search by itself; it requires the Alternate Dates service to be turned on in rules. If there are no +/– days values set in a given rule, the Alt Dates search will only occur when the setting is present in the request (for example, the rule becomes a “template” for Alt Dates).

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