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Air Availability Tile Widgets

The business purpose of Air Availability Tile Widgets is to allow Red Apps to add tiles into results of Air Availability search.

tile widget avail

Air Availability Details, after expanding search result:

tile widget avail details

Air Availability Sell Confirmation, after 'Sell' on previous step

tile widget avail sell confirmations


Red Apps can contribute to Air Availability Tile Widgets in two ways.

  1. via PublicAirAvailabilityService for React tiles

  2. via ExtensionPointService for Backbone tiles, with proper config name.


Tiles can be added to

  1. Air Availability search result drawer with air-availability-details-sdk config or using createAirAvailabilitySearchTile method from PublicAirAvailabilityService in case of React tiles.

getService(DrawerService).addConfig(['air-availability-details-sdk'], availLegacyDrawerConfig);
airAvailabilityService.createAirAvailabilitySearchTile(AirAvailTile, showAirAvailabilityModal, 'Air Availability Details SDK');
  1. Air Availability Sell Confirmation drawer with air-availability-sell-confirmation-sdk config or using createAirAvailabilitySellConfirmationTile method from PublicAirAvailabilityService in case of React tiles.

getService(DrawerService).addConfig(['air-availability-sell-confirmation-sdk'], availLegacyDrawerConfig);
airAvailabilityService.createAirAvailabilitySellConfirmationTile(AirAvailTile, showAirAvailabilityModal, 'Air Availability Sell Confirmation SDK')


For Backbone tiles the FlightSegment model from sabre-ngv-app/app/common/data/flight/FlightSegment package is used.

For React ones the PublicAirAvailabilityData model from sabre-ngv-airAvailability/services/PublicAirAvailabilityData module is used.

Detailed APIs of configs and data models used to configure and work with tile widgets can be found in TypeScript API Documentation.