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Aggregator Guide

Accessing aggregator content

Content Services for Lodging (CSL) enables access to content from Hotel chains available in Sabre's GDS, along with content from aggregators including, Bedsonline, and Expedia Partner Solutions.

Once an agency has signed up with an individual aggregator, the content is made available using credentials that are supplied to the travel agency from the aggregator. These credentials need to be added to the Hotel Manager application.

To manage credentials, the Agency Administrator needs the keyword HCUPDT.

A CREATE agent will need to enter the build mode and authorize steps for the keyword HCUPDT. If you are not familiar with this process, please speak with your CREATE role/administrator at your agency.

If your Agency Administrator cannot access Aggregator Credential Management or another user needs to use manage aggregator credentials, please contact Webservices Support.

Aggregator certification

Using an aggregator in a production environment for shopping and booking in your point of sale requires completing the specific aggregator's certification process. This short process is designed to ensure the right information is available to the agent or traveler in the booking tool and all charges and policies for a booking are understood.

Details of each aggregator's certification process can be found in the links below:


Expedia Partner Solutions

Aggregator-specific information and tips

Bookings made in the non-production (TEST/CERT) version generate booking confirmation numbers as multiple zeroes - for example,000000. These cannot be canceled. To test the full shopping, retrieve, and cancellation workflow, it is recommended a limited number of test bookings are made in the production system that follows the recommended test booking guidelines (booking of refundable rates, one-night stays, large advance purchase period, "test booking" as guest name, etc).