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This service allows you to add different types of Remarks to a PNR (Passenger Name Record) as a (5)-type entry.

Common errors

  • ERR.SWS.CLIENT.VALIDATION_FAILED: Request Exceeded Maximum Host Command Length – This service works by concatenating all your remark lines and sending them together as a single Host entry. This error can be generated with an excessive number of remarks that exceed Sabre Host’s allowed limit of input characters. If you reach this error, please split your remarks into different requests.
  • FRMT.NOT ENT BGNG WITH – This error is typically generated when invalid (non-Sabre) characters are used in the remark.
  • SIMULTANEOUS CHANGES TO PNR-USE IR TO IGNORE AND RETRIEVE PNR – You will see this error whenever your PNR is updated by the system at the same time that you run this service. For example, the PNR receives an SSR from the carrier as your AddRemark request is processed. In these cases, simply Ignore & Retrieve and attempt the request again.


Which characters are not accepted by the system?

You may not use any non-Sabre characters such as ampersands (&), dollar signs ($), exclamation points (!), or greater than symbols (>). For more information please visit this Sabre Central article.

What are the different character limits?

  • 70 characters per line in the remarks field (5)
  • A total maximum of 999 remarks line in the PNR
  • 999 items in PNR data fields (these data fields exclude Passenger Name, Itinerary, Received From, Agency Address, OA Record Locator, Airline Ticket Arrangement)
  • 999 e-mail addresses in the e-mail address field (*PE)

Where can I add special remarks such as 5Q?

You can specify this via the “RemarkCode” element in your request.

How do I commit my remarks? You can use the EnhancedEndTransaction service to commit these changes to your PNR.