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Adding Contact Details to a Plug-in

Before you begin, you need the main Red App plug-in project in your Red App bundle.

CAUTION!   Do not add any extension points outside of Eclipse.

Complete the following steps.

  1. In the Eclipse manifest editor, open the Extensions tab. Click Add to add a new extension.

  1. In the New Extension dialog, remove the selection from the following check box: Show only extension points from the required plug-ins.

  1. In the Extension Point Filter field, type com.sabre.edge.redapp.contactdetails.provider.

  2. Click Finish.

  3. If the New Plug-in Dependency dialog appears, click Yes.

        Eclipse adds this extension point to the Extensions tab.

  1. Right-click com.sabre.edge.redapp.contactdetails.provider, and then select New > contactDetails from the menu.

  1. Replace the default values in the contactDetails properties with your support contact information for your plug-in.

  1. (Necessary only if web module is present in the project) Add/replace contact details properties inside manifest.json file. Sample manifest.json file and more detailed information available in the Exporting Web Red App.

Verify that your contact details are available in your plug-in. Launch the plug-in to which you added this contact information in Sabre Red 360. To preview your contact details, choose Contact Us > Application Vendor Support.