Travel Insights

Reinvent Travel with Sabre Dev Studio and the power of Big DataWelcome to the new world of travel. At the heart of it is the Sabre travel marketplace. Here, buyers and sellers of all types of travel come together. And it’s big.U.S.$300M in travel sales EVERY day.How do you put this marketplace to work for your business? Through Sabre Dev Studio. It’s a powerful portfolio of 140+ APIs to shop, book, fulfill and service Informational Services Notification Services Tools and resourcesAnd an active marketplace = lots of data. BIG data. 200 million trips a year booked through the marketplace That’s massive and all rolls into our Sabre big data platform.What’s the power in the Sabre big data platform? Well, $110B in sales every year is a LOT of trips.It’s about what people booked3 years of historical sales and a year of forward looking sales (which means information for 700 million booked trips). It’s about what people shopped 60 million air travel shops happen EVERY day across a vast range of markets and dates.And it’s about knowing what people want to shopTravelers should be able to ask questions like:“What beach destinations could I fly to in December for less than (euro) 500m I need 3 days in Berlin in January - when is the cheapest window to travel?”“I want to avoid high season, when should I travel?”“Is the current fare high or low relative to what others have been paying recently?”Now you can provide fast and reliable answers to these and many more questions. And answer them with response times often measured in milliseconds.So how do we meet this need? We capture sales and shopping data from our marketplace. We intelligently shop thousands of city pairs to supplement this data We shop 192 days in the future, for all date combinations for lengths of stay of 1-17 days. Then we store the 300 best flight options and prices for every origin and destination combination across all those travel date combinations.Ultimately, that’s 10s of billions of pre-computed flight options and price!Our intelligent shop and synch engine keeps this data refreshed to ensure a high level of reliability. So how do you start using these new services?Glad you asked. Sabre Dev Studio now provides access to new Shopping and Intelligence REST APIs – powered by big data. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and mobile-friendly, too. Bottom line: All that BIG DATA means BIG BUSINESS for you. We’re investing for you. Learn how you can inspire your travelers, create new consumer experiences and revolutionize travel search with apps that move the world. Visit today to get started.